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DaF-Südost Netzwerk - Summary of the project

Beside the english information below you will find more detailed information in german on this site.

The DaF-Südost Netzwerk project aims at meeting the need of networking of different actors of German as a Foreign Language (GFL) by giving opportunities for collaboration and exchange of ideas and best practices, thus bringing pedagogical and methodological innovation into schools and training institutions.

It will link academic experts, trainers and material developers with teachers to enhance information acquisition, interaction and professional development, while performing in-depth research on issues of project-based teaching GFL and presenting teaching and learning material together with pedagogical and technical support.

Its working language will be German, thus being one of the very few non-English speaking networks. While the main thematic area is innovation and European consciousness in methodology and practice of German teaching and learning, several sub-themes (e.g. "Project-oriented Language Learning", "Standards of Teacher Training in GFL", "New Technologies for German Teachers", "Intercultural Learning and GFL", and more) will result in the formation of work groups, who will present their outcomes in open workshops and conferences.

The Internet and modern communication technology will help to build and sustain an virtual and "real life" European network, supporting and promoting a European identity among educators. A high quality, user-friendly web portal will provide a forum of exchange, teaching and learning materials, support, and information. The target group benefiting directly from the network activities will be teachers of German in primary, secondary and adult education, but also student teachers and teacher trainers. Pupils and other learners of German will profit indirectly through improved teaching and learning methodology.The activities of the network will comprise

  • the general organization of the network as to work groups on sub-themes, search for relevant projects, literature, and products, and safeguarding internal and external communication,
  • the development of a web portal as to resources, material and forums,
  • the presentation of best practice in Comenius projects in the field, methodological and didactical material, as well as technical and pedagogical support,
  • the implementation of classroom projects and the professional development of teachers through active involvement and exchange,
  • monitoring and evaluation, through internal network monitoring and external evaluation, resulting in permanent improvement of the network, the methodology and the content,
  • and dissemination of the results.

The expected outputs will be a web portal with forums of discussion, resources, support, links; a report on COMENIUS and other best practice in the field of GFL; workshops and conferences resulting in survey reports; annual reports on the state of the art in GFL; and regular newsletters.

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