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Beschreibung:This project aims to develop a number of schools across Europe into regional centres of competence in Environmental and Geological Studies. In each school a range of curriculum teaching materials will be developed through the work of teachers, and pupils aged 11 to 18. The desired aim is to produce curriculum material, that will impact on the whole school and will have relevance to schools outside the partnership.Key-Areas include:· The role played by geological processes in shaping the local environment and everyday life.· The impact of such processes on environmental issues· The development of teaching materials and worksheets suitable for class, group and independent student work both in hard copy and for posting on the internet through the partner schools website.· The enhancement of ICT-skills for staff and pupils through the use of e-mail, internet websites, the development of virtual field-trips and CD-ROM materials to illustrate the issues studied plus displays and sample collections for use and teaching exhibitions.· Teacher and pupils interaction to develop international co-operation between schools in Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Northern-Ireland and Spain.· Email links at pupil level aimed to build language skills and develop greater European awareness.

The targeted end product will be that through the shared development of a series of cross-curricular modules and learning experiences, each of the partners develop their own school into a regional centre of competence in environmental and geological studies that will allow other teachers, pupils and parents to inform themselves and enrich their understanding of environmental and geological issues at a local, regional and European level. Exhibitions relating to the environmental and geological themes of the area will be developed in the partner schools and made available for use in the local community. The modular course materials developed will be relevant to the curriculum in schools not Provided that the expertise is available or can be accessed during the lifetime of the project some of the worksheets will be designed to offer self-assessment opportunities on the internet i.e. experiential learning.
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Laufzeit von:2005-01-01
Laufzeit bis:2005-01-01
Lehrfächer der Teilnehmer:Geografie, Geologie, Biologie, Chemie
Endprodukt/Ergebnis:> Material zu geologischen und umweltbezogenen Themen
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