MICaLL: Moderating Intercultural Collaboration and Language Learning

Beschreibung:Project Aims
The aim of the Comenius 2.1 Project ‘MICaLL’ (2004 – 2007) is to contribute to the innovation of Teacher Education in general and the Training of Modern Language (student) teachers in particular.
To this end a turn-key project is being developed that offers teachers experiential learning opportunities to develop competencies relevant for designing and managing language learning arrangements for distributed learners (network-based language teaching).
Partners and other participating professionals carry out pilots involving task-based language learning in intercultural student/pupil teams that collaborate on LanguageQuests and using social software applications such as Discussion Boards, Chat, Weblogging and Wiki.
Model tasks, guidelines and resource materials will be produced to support teacher education organisations and affiliate schools to provide student teachers and in-service teachers with personal opportunities to develop competencies relevant for moderating (specific forms of) collaborative language learning.

Project Results
The MICaLL deliverables are course project modules for initial and in-service teacher training and a virtual collaborative learning environment to facilitate the trans-national educational projects involved.
The web portal’s function is to support individual groups, consisting of (inter)nationally distributed participants such as (student) language teachers and pupils, to collaborate in the execution of tasks while using the target language for communication and producing a collective result/product.

MICaLL Web Portal functions at www.micall.net
The portal supports the developmental work of the project partners and provides the facilities for the task-based language learning pilots in their organisations and affiliate schools.
School-based language teachers can have their own personal workspace and use portal functionality to support trans-national collaborative projects for their pupils.
Teacher Educators can use the resources on network-based language teaching to support their language pedagogy courses and offer practice in e-moderating.
A variety of webtools and editors are available for designing and publishing results of language learning activities such as LanguageQuest and WebLogging.
Koordinator:University Autònoma of Barcelona
Andere Teilnehmer:Project Partners
The project partnership currently consists of 15 members and is co-coordinated by the University Autònoma of Barcelona and the Utrecht University of Professional Education in the Netherlands.
A team of modern language specialists and teachers at Faculties of Education and affiliate schools in Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and France work together, supported by a Dutch educational service provider.
An Open Source Educational Application specialist is responsible for the technical development of the web portal.
Laufzeit von:2004-10-01
Laufzeit bis:2007-09-30
Lehrfächer der Teilnehmer:English, German, French
Endprodukt/Ergebnis:1. Teacher Education Curriculum Project Module
2. Handbook on coaching telecollaborative language learning
3. A Virtual Learning Environment
Kontaktperson:Prof. Dr. Andreas Müeller-Hartmann

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