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Partner in DaF-Netzwerk - Germany

"Max Hueber Verlag" is one of the participants from Germany in DaF-Südost Netzwerk. Beside the english information below you will find more detailed information in german on this site.

Max Hueber Verlag (founded in 1921) has been a publisher of course books for German as a foreign language for some fifty years. With its staff of about 150 employees, Hueber is one of the smallest among German publishers of foreign language course books, but at the same time the largest, too, because it has fully specialized on foreign language teaching, while with its competitors, foreign languages form only a small segment of their diversified business.

It has always been the aim of Max Hueber Verlag to provide foreign language teaching materials that set a high standard both methodologically and visually. Hueber strives to combine up-to-date concepts of learning and teaching with a high degree of practicability in order to make foreign language learning in classrooms more effective and more enjoyable without expecting teachers to re-invent their repertoire of methods from scratch (which would be unrealistic anyway).

In the field of German, perhaps the most remarkable among the numerous successful titles published by Hueber are "Deutsche Sprachlehre für Ausländer" by Dora Schulz and Heinz Griesbach, which set a standard for teaching German to adult students in the 1950ies and 60ies, and "Themen" / "Themen neu", which has been the most widely used course book for adults from about 1985 until today. Hueber's "Tamburin" (for children from 9 to 11), "Pingpong" (for young learners from 12 to 14) and "em" (for young learners 14-18) have likewise been widely acclaimed for combining sound methodology with strongly motivating texts and tasks. For the last two years, Max Hueber Verlag has made an increasing effort in building up excellent Internet services offering support and additional material for teachers and learners of foreign languages. Further information about the Max Hueber Verlag at

Key person/expert responsible in the network:

Before joining the Max Hueber Verlag as a desk editor for German in 1981, Werner Bönzli taught English and German at various institutes for adult education in Zurich, London and from 1972 until 1979 in Teheran, where he became a member of staff at the Goethe-Institute, first as a teacher of German, then as teacher trainer for the Iranian teachers of German. Together with Dorothea Lutz he wrote a contrastive German course for Iranians, which he completed at the Goethe-Institute's didactics department (AWD, "Abteilung für wissenschaftliche Didaktik") in Munich.

At the Max Hueber Verlag he has mainly been responsible for the German course "Themen" and "Themen neu". Some years ago he became editor-in-chief for German as a foreign language.

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